Company name: Otto Gustav Zehrfeld, business set up in 1909, converted into a joint-stock company (AG) in the early 1920’s. Branches in Berlin and New York. Listed in trade address books until c. mid 1930’s.

Address: Leipzig, Goeschenstr. 1

Printer:  no   Publisher:  yes

Means of production / workforce: Employed up to 60 persons by the late 1920’s

Trademark(s):  Early_Zehrfeld_logo

The logo first used shows a child like figure holding a shield (more likely palette) and an oversized brush. The initials O.G.Z.-L. are always found arranged below. The later used logo, guess it was introduced when the company became an ‘AG’, looks very much like a copyright sign with Later_Zehrfeld_logothe initials O.G.Z. below, arranged on top of each other. This logo is usually reproduced small in size, easy to overlook when hidden partly under handwriting. A few cards are know that show the initials imprinted only.

Specialised in:

O. G. Zehrfeld were fine art publishers. Besides many art (reproduction) postcards (also some with greetings imprints), they offered a variety of art prints (full service with own framing dept/ frame factory), were big in silhouettes which were quite popular in the 1920’s and general art articles.

Notes: Otto Zehrfeld is first mentioned in trade register by mid 1909. He opened a bookshop and publishing business (bookshop for Germans abroad) and was authorised representative for “Geiser & Gilbert”, a German book, art and music business from Yokohama, Japan. The exact date when O.G.Z started to publish art cards is unclear yet. I have not seen any p/u cards of pre-WW1 date. Zehrfeld appears to had been quite successful, even in general bad economic times. – Otto Gustav Zehrfeld died on 3 January 1931 in the age of 48 years.

Illustrations (from top):

OGZ card no. 300. Painting by Herm. Koch. Titled “Indiscretions”.

OGZ series 218, card 1267. Painting by A. Schuhknecht. Titled “Heavy Northwester”.

OGZ card no. 972. Painting by H. Dieter. The captions reads “Someone who goes his own way”. Some the artist’s work is a bit similar to that of Carl Spitzweg in my opinion.

OGZ series 239, card no. 1379. Painting by J. Ralf Knobloch, Munich. Titled “Early Spring”

OGZ_series 74, card 487. Painting by H. Heider. Titled “The House in the Shade”.

OGZ series 116, card 806. New logo, card p/u August 1929. “Fasto”-Silhouettes” after coloured cloths silhouettes by Marte Graf. “Rendezvous” series.

Otto Gustav Zehrfeld invitation to visit the autumn 1919 Leipzig trade fair. Design by Marte Graf. P/u August 18, 1919. Card discovered by Chris Ratcliffe.

Another ‘Marte Graf’ colour silhouette card is illustrated on Favourite Cards.


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