Some websites I have found useful.

If you know of other sites around that offer at least some information on postcard printer and/or publisher research, trademarks / logo’s identified, postcard history in general, old printing processes and similar content, please drop me a line.

Neue Photographische Gesellschaft (NPG), Berlin

It was the biggest real photo card factory of the world. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Holtz and the help of many other people a fine illustrated full colour book was published on the history of this company. Very few copies of the fine done catalogue (in full colour) still available.


”Felt Postcards”

Dutch collector Harry Kerkhof has a strong interest in so-called “Felt Postcards”, postcards with images done in sort of felt (registred novelty). See what he has found!

Under above address you find an site / blog on the topic of library postcards from worldwide. At first sight a well done project.

Vereniging Documentatie Prentbriefkaarten (VDP)

The Dutch ‘VDP’ is one of the most active postcard collector societies I know of. There is nothing similar to it in Germany. They publish also a fine quarterly magazine, with articles not only on old ppc’s. (website in Dutch language)

Site for fans of Namibia / former German Southwest Africa. Under the heading “Historische Ansichtskarten” you will find another heading “Herausgeber” listing former publishers/printers and plenty of old cards from that part of the world. In German.

“Reflections of a Bygone Age”

were the publishers of “Picture Postcard Monthly” for some 35 years until April 2015 issue. They still publish the “Picture Postcard Annual”. Their web site still worthwhile to visit. See also the “Links” section for more interesting information, especially for beginners. The web site address of the new PPM publishers found here, too.


Named after the famous statue at Brussels the Belgian collector club is around for some 30 years already. Their site is multilingual. The quarterly club paper comes along bi-lingual. Quite some information on artists regularly.

Interesting platform (in German) for postcard collectors. News, (re)views, print and online and a lot more.

Atlantic Cable history

Bill Burns runs an interesting site on old international communication cable connecting continents. Above link leads you to a page on a  specialised ship once used to lay these cables. It was published in TPA long ago. A little bit unusual topic but worthwhile to visit. Old picture postcards do cover really many topics, including some unexpected.


Oostende, Belgium. fine street view with the shops having plenty of postcards on display. By local publisher ‘C.D.’, sepia collotype, not p/u, pre-1914 date I believe.

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