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My Favourites:

Printing rom of ‘Imprimeries Réunies de Nancy’. We can see two workers preparing (inking) the printing plates.

A printing sample card for duotone (sepia) collotype process.

Views like this are what I like most, but are not that often seen.

Printing_Room_Imprimeries_Reunies de Nancy

Have you seen nuns working on printing presses before?

This cards is no. 11 from the series ‘Les Religieux de France. Soeúrs Franciscaines, Missionnaires de Narie. Shown is a (letterpress) printing shop. Imperimerie de Vanves.

The postcard was not printed here, but by ‘Héliogravure Imprimeries Réunis de Nancy’. (see above)

Karl Krause engineering works, Leipzig.

Krause (establ. 1855) was the world’s biggest engineering works for machinery used in paper mill and processing, bookbinding, embossing, printing etc.

His slogan read: “Solid workmanship is better than any patent”. But they had many nevertheless. Advertising card for the Leipzig trade & industry exhibition 1899. Printed by local firm Louis Glaser.


A view from a Karl Krause promo card series (with Krauses’s signature imprinted) showing various of their machines in use in Asian countries.

This card shows a Krause (paper) guillotine in work in Ceylon. The image makes you believe it is a simple construction easy to handle even by unskilled workers (?). Not postally used, c. 1910.


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