Company name: Edgar Schmidt, later renamed into “Postkarte” GmbH

Address: Schlossstr. 28, Dresden (1898), Marschallstr. 12-14, Dresden (1903) with branch in Budapest (Térez-koerut 5), “Postkarte” GmbH was found at Schandauerstr. 34 (1907). Continued as Edgar Schmidt again at: Carlowitzstr. 29 (1913)

In business from:  Jan. 1897 - Aug. 1907 (Edgar Schmidt). Then continued under the company name “Postkarte” GmbH until? Found again under old name in 1913 directory

Printer:  yes   Publisher:  yes

Means of production / workforce: 6 presses (letterpress), 20 presses for monograms, 70 workers in 1907 (under Bernhard Fell))Schmidt_Logo


Major “Lion” trademark illustrated. Another logo known shows a shield with initials E.S.D. inside usually found on picture side. Topo card issues usually show full name imprinted.

Specialised in: Started off with many topo cards done by collotype process (mostly Germany and Austro-Hungarian Empire), then concentrated on subject/greetings/art reproduction cards printed by chromolitho and halftone (“Autochrom”) process

Notes: Guess there was indeed a Mr. Schmidt first. Owner by 1906 was a Karl Koehler. In August 1906 the business was taken over by British businessman Berhard Fell, London. Then exactly a year later renamed into “Postkarte” GmbH and run by a Martin Paul Friedlaender together with Mr. Fell. Friedlaender got the managing director job because the Edgar Schmidt business owed him over 20,000 Marks. Cards with “Postkarte” GmbH imprint or with any type of matching trademark are unknown yet. Appears to had been a rather short-lived business. Re-launched under old name and new address. Postcard publisher with some small scale letterpress printing.

Schmidt had definitely his own collotype printing during the early years, but it is not clear yet if later card issues were printed by them or more likely supplied by other printers. E. Schmidt was also an early (pre-1900) representative for NPG (Berlin) photo cards.

Illustrations (from top):

Vienna, card no. 1791 - p/u 1899

Brunshaupten, Baltic Sea, no Schmidt card or series number. P/u August 1898

Novelty (silver look) ser. 8061 (at least 3 diff.)- p/u 1901, Initials inside shield on picture side

Series 1515, card 11 (first names) - pre-1905

Card no. 4069, of pre-1905 origin

Series 1172 - portrait of André Giron - p/u 1909 in Hungary

Series 1622 - Dutch Motif signed ‘Rich.(ard) Lanzendorf’. Not p/u, post-1905 production.

Series 1700 - Happy New Year - P/u late Dec. 1906.




Left: Series no. 542, a rather luxury design, embossed and additional gold shaping. Greetings for any occasion? Very little space left for message. P/u June 1902.

Edgar Schmidt series 528 with E.S.D. inside crest imprinted on picture side. Chromolithography, embossed. These kittens were surely a good seller. Mailed within Germany in December 1902.

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