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“The Postcard Album” (TPA), an international publication for collectors of old picture postcards (ppc’s), is around for more than 30 years by now. Strictly a hobby project, non-profit orientated, published when time and budget allows.

TPA covers various aspects of interest to ppc collectors. Research on old, long gone (German) postcard printers and publishers has become the major topic. A specialised aspect of the postcard collecting hobby, on topics you might never have thought of before.

The work of myself, occasionally together with other interested collectors from various countries, is to reconstruct company histories, collecting data on their ppc production, identifying trademarks and related matters. Research results are published more detailed/illustrated in the TPA magazine.

Take a look at some of the ppc research features, historical back ground, major German postcard printers/exporters, logo’s and trademarks, postcard finds and trivia etc. Any questions? Please ask.

See an issue of “The Postcard Album” and judge for yourself! It is unique, packed with information, well illustrated. – Despite the still unusual times TPA 33 available now!  Another big TPA issue (80 pages)! See NEWS for more details, please.

Available are 48 free articles from old TPA issues now in pdf-file format. Although published longer ago, giving an idea what it all about. TPA Articles

The web site will be replaced with a more modern version as soon as possible. First attempt failed unfortunately. I recommend to visit the NEWS page from time to time.

Thank you!

Helmfried Luers

TPA publisher/editor


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The name in red is not only the category caption but also the first page (often with introduction) recommended to visit.

Postcard History has a short overall view on postcards in general and major printing processes used back then. Followed by Printing Rates / minimum quantities etc, a matter frequently asked for.

A list of some major German postcard printers to be found under German Printers.

A survey table with postcard publisher / printer trademark illustrations to be found under = Printer Logo’s and Logo Gallery.

Real photo manufacturers and -publisher logo’s see under RP Trademarks.

Illustrations / images might be found at unexpected places, too. For instance three printing-trade related postcards are shown on the Contact page.




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