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16 October 2022

Actual TPA issue:

Despite the still strange times: THE NEW TPA ISSUE #33 WAS PUBLISHED. With a total of 80 packed pages, all in colour, soft-bound. Contents/topics as always. Available from publisher directly. Limited print run – available while stocks last. No actual price increases.

Many thanks for your continuous support!

For more information on the contents of TPA 33 please visit  TPA Magazine.

My plans to replace this site for a new. more modern version, turned out to be a rather naive idea. TPA magazine and web site are a project for a retired and not someone working still fulltime. Not to forget technical and software problems.

Concentrated on the new TPA issue 33 which was quite a challenge some times but the final result worth the time invested. Six article contributors this issue, new topics but the old mixture of information and entertainment as well.

TPA 32 sold out quite quickly to my surprise. This is a new feeling and I am not happy having no copies at hand anymore. Despite the actually exploding costs I have ordered some extra copies of the new issue. Cover price the same, my risk.

General information:

Inquiries on trademarks and other postcard matters always welcome! Answered as soon as possible. In case you do not receive an answer from my side within about 14 days = I have unfortunately no information available. Thank you.

Please understand that I am not in the position to give any advice on the value of old postcards, prints, books or where to find a particular item.

I am not a dealer and none of the cards and other items shown on this site are for sale.

Knackstedt & Naether, Hamburg

As a member of the Dutch Association Documentation Picture Postcards (VDP),  I am working on a revised and more extended version of a publication from 1998 by F.J.M. Bokelmann on the German printing company Knackstedt & Naether, Hamburg.

As we believe the Souvenirkarten Series (Litho and Lichtdruck) deserve to be printed in full colour, and as  acompletes possible, we are still looking for some missing numbers (some may even not exist).

If you have any of the below mentioned numbers of Knackstedt & Naether cards from the Souvenirkarten Series (identifiable by K+N number), please send me a scan (but I am also very willing to buy). The number of the card belongs to the border, the view on the Lichtdruck/photoprint can be any city/village, it is all about the border numbers.

Missing numbers are: KN25, KN27, KN28, KN29, KN34, KN 50, KN51, KN52, KN53, KN58, KN59, KN60, KN61, KN79, KN90, KN92, KN93, KN94, KN95, KN96, KN97, KN98, KN99, KN100, KN200.

Any number in the range KN114 - KN144 Any number in the range KN155 - KN198 Any number from KN222 upwards (but not the flags)

Your help will be highly appreciated and of great value! Thank you, Sylvia Sonderman



”Miss Sylvia” reads the caption of this otherwise fully anonymous real photo card. P/u in Germany in 1909. Singer? Actress? Who was this friendly smiling young woman?  Still hoping to find out her identity one day. Any help appreciated.


K+N Souvenir border design no. 23, here with inserted view of Castle Lichtenstein. Quite popular design with horseshoe and clover leafs. The K+N number found at lower right corner on picture side.



Berlin, Alexanderplatz. Old postcards can be an interesting historical (image) source. A view of a popular place in central Berlin as it looked after the end of WW2. Probably around 1946? Ruins but clear streets. Photo / published by “Fotokunst Kindermann”, Berlin. Printed by unknown company from Leipzig on rather thin (aged) card. Impressive anyway.

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