26 April 2016


The frequent interest in (major) articles from old, sold-out TPA issues, which are available free for your own private use, are available now as download pdf’s (at last). A total of 48 articles from TPA issues 14-21 to choose from. See for yourself: TPA Articles

More logos - RP trademarks added. Thank you.

Latest TPA issue:

TPA issue 29. The delayed issue should have reached now most of the regular readers. According the ‘feed back’ received so far, TPA 29 was well received.

Inside: A long, comprehensive article is on real photo card printers & publishers Georg Gerlach & Co. from Berlin/associated firms. Another longer piece on the well-known company of Otto Schloss, Berlin. One of the former big fancy paper / chromolitho printers (greeting cards) around prior to the outbreak of WW1.

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Alois (Antonin) Ludvik Salac (1900-1953), a Czech illustrator/artist is not only responsible for many book illustrations but designed also a number of post cards. A major series was on the (nonsense) adventures of two young bears (Bulik & Zulik). He is said to have set up an own publishing firm in 1940. All known cards are sized 105 x 148 mm and besides his signature ‘Sal’ show his SAL logo on address side- Usually found below dividing line. There are other cards with different characters around.

The Hamburg based fine art publishing company Christian Pahl, also set up in 1940, daughter company of C. Pahl & Co., an import / export firm set up in 1923, published Salac postcards under own name. These show the CP inside circle logo, usually in relatively small size. Often these cards have a German caption but artist signature missing. All cards were printed by offset printing process.


Advert comes from “Neue Deutsche Papier-Zeitung”, issue 4, 1949.



New Year’s Greeting card. Nicely designed and well printed in strong colours (lithography). However, it is also an example of a n old card that reveals absolutely no information on illustrator, publisher or printer. Nothing at all except no. 6250/3 = series/design number. P/u 30 December 1930 in Germany. Just one of many “anonymous” cards around.


”Miss Sylvia” reads the caption of this otherwise fully anonymous real photo card. P/u in Germany in 1909. Singer? Actress? Who was this friendly smiling young woman? Still hoping to find out her identity one day. Any help appreciated.


Berlin, Alexanderplatz. Old postcards can be an interesting historical (image) source. A view of a popular place in central Berlin as it looked after the end of WW2. Probably around 1946? Ruins but clear streets. Photo / published by “Fotokunst Kindermann”, Berlin. Printed by unknown company from Leipzig on rather thin (aged) card. Impressive anyway.

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